Elon Perry is a very popular lecturer on the history and politics of the Middle East, lecturing around the UK and the USA. As to the 100-year of the Israeli/Arab/Palestinian conflict lecture, Elon presents a unique perspective due to the combination of having been a journalist and serving as a combat soldier in an elite commando unit of the Israel Defence Force, enabling him to relate stories from the battlefield as they actually happened.

Elon Perry worked as a journalist for 24 years, as a reporter, editor and columnist and as a journalist researcher/Investigator for several Israeli national newspapers as well as for radio and television. He is very familiar with the Israeli/Arab conflict and the history of Israel from its establishment until today, including all wars and events to date. Elon served three years as a combat fighter in a commando unit of the Israeli Defense Force and took part in the 1982 Lebanon war.

Education summary: B.A degree in Political Science *  Master’s Degree in History
Professional Development Courses over 24 years

We were all absolutely enthralled by Elon’s talk and just regret that we were constricted for time. Would that there were more Elon Perrys in this world…”  Carrol Nathanson, London

“Elon is a very intelligent lecturer with an amazing memory who can cover 100 years of historical facts and events. His lectures are attracting so many people that we have had to get in more chairs.”  Professor A.Klieman

“Amazing! Both an erudite and charismatic speaker, the audience hanging on to every word. The animated question time following the talk showed the keenness of the audience to ask many searching questions, testament to his qualities as a talented speaker.”  Susan WIZO 


Jerusalem Burning   The bloody conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

As a combat soldier in a commando  unit of the Israel Defense Force who took part in the wars between Israel and the Palestinians, I break down misconceptions and misinformation about what is really happening between Israel and the Palestinians and the truth about the conflict, beyond what we see in the media. I will explain the main reasons for the bloody conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. I will bring stories from the battlefield, and present testimonies from Palestinians, whom I interviewed as a journalist in the Gaza Strip, in which they describe their fear of the Hamas leadership and their longing to live under Israeli rule, which had improved their lives and provided them with a livelihood.  I will explain who are the Palestinians, how were they created and where did the name Palestinians come from? What made them refugees? Do they have a right over Palestine?


Elon Perry during his service in a commando unit of the I.D.F between 1975-1979 in Lebanon, in Gaza, and in the Golan heights

The importance of having a secure Jewish state

  In this lecture I will talk about the importance of having a secure sovereign Jewish state and how it was created, from Theodore Herzl who planned it to David Ben Gurion who implemented it. I will talk about Zionism, Balfour Declaration, the pogroms and persecution against the Jews throughout 2,000 years of the diaspora, the impact of the Holocaust, the Jewish underground combat units fighting the British prior to the establishment of the State, what made the IDF the best army in the world.

The Holy Land


The story of a tiny piece of land that is sacred for Jews, Muslims, and Christians – three religions living in harmony under Israeli rule. I will describe the bloodshed and many wars that took place over it for the past 4,000 years. The Kingdom of Solomon and David. The story of the Exodus from Egypt, how the Hebrews became slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years and of Moses, the charismatic leader who took the Hebrew slaves from slavery to freedom on a long journey of forty years in the desert of Sinai until Joshua entered Promised Land through Jericho. how the world’s Diaspora was created, both by Ashkenazim and Sephardim. This dates from the first exile, the Babylonian exile, when the First Temple was destroyed by the Greeks. How was Israel established. What were the steps and difficulties encountered that led to the establishment of Israel. What is Zionism and when did Zionism begin, where and by whom. The difficulties of the first mega Aliya project. The conflict and social divisions between the Sephardi and Ashkenazi communities. The History of Sephardic Jews.  What made the IDF it the best army in the world? Does Israel have nuclear weapons. Is Israel safe. Why was the world’s media hostile to Israel during the Lebanon and Gaza wars? Whose fault was that?


A journey through the battlefields


In this lecture I will take you on a journey through the actual battle sites in Israel where Jews fought to achieve Israel’s independence and the establishment of the Jewish state. As a former soldier I will  explain  those critical battles as they happened and where they took place. I will talk about places where heroic soldiers sacrificed themselves for the Jewish state, the locations of key events in the establishment of the Jewish state and places where you can learn exactly how Israel took shape. These include: Places of significant battles in the wars of 1948, the crucial battles for the Golan Heights and Jerusalem, the Six Day War 1967 and the Yom Kippur War 1973

One Canal and Three Wars


In this lecture I will talk about the importance of the Suez Canal. When was the Suez Canal dug and for what purpose? How important was it for the Mediterranean region, and whose interests did it serve? I will talk about the wars between Egypt – Britain – France – Israel that took place over it when the Egyptian President Nasser closed the canal and prevented freedom of navigation between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and the Gulf.  I will describe one special heroic operation that had never been undertaken before. This operation, conducted by the Israeli general Ariel Sharon, became legendary and it is still taught in many military academies around the world. Towards the end I will describe Israel’s peace with Egypt and the assassination of Egyptian President Sadat, the first Arab leader to have signed a peace agreement with Israel.